Couples Counseling

Do you long to feel connected to the person you love? Do you feel like you argue too much or show affection too little? Couples counseling can be an important tool whether you want to ensure you stay close to your partner or if you want to heal after years of disconnection. Whether your relationship issues stem from a betrayal or just busy lives, an affair or other infidelity, Manu Counseling wants to help you heal and rediscover the sense of connection you used to have.

Our intimate relationships are often key to our individual well-being and happiness. When working with a couple, it’s important to make sure that both partners feel heard and understood. Rather than taking sides, I work to ensure that your communication remains healthy and that both partners are comfortable with what they’re doing to make the relationship more meaningful.

Healthy Communication

An important part of the work that we do together will be working to improve communication with one another. Sometimes the things we want to say can be heard differently than we intended it to communicated. At Manu Counseling, you’ll learn to communicate in meaningful and effective ways that can help your disagreements from erupting into more intense arguments.


If you’re ready to reach out and make a positive, lasting change, connect with us today for a free 15-minute consultation and discover how couples therapy might be right for you.