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Do you feel like you and your partner don't connect?
Are you having a hard time finding happiness in your marriage?
Is your marriage overwhelming your independence?
Are you having difficulty dealing with a divorce?

Humara Rishta, Humari Shaadi

Marriage is one of the most sacred bonds in the Indian culture. In contrast to typical western weddings, marriage in South Asian cultures tend to be a union of two families. Melding eastern and western expectations can often lead to problems for South Asian families. Some of these issues include: Sexual problems in marriage, disagreements over child-rearing, under involvement of husbands in dealing with domestic problems and issues, inter-caste marriages, difficulties with in-laws and a gradual loss or displacement of roles.

Because Manu Counseling specializes in working with members of the South Asian Community, we can help you navigate the complexities combining eastern expectations with western relationship norms, and give your relationship the best chance to thrive.


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