Individual Counseling


Life can feel overwhelming. When it does, it’s not unusual for individuals to find a counselor who can help them deal with anxious or depressing thoughts and feelings. At Manu Counseling, our goal is to create a safe, trustworthy, and confidential space to process through the difficult emotions and to see your painful experiences in new, life-giving ways. We can help you learn coping skills and specific strategies to help you grow from what you may be going through.

In addition to anxiety and depression, Manu Counseling can help you with issues related to stress-management, self-worth, sexual or domestic violence, and other concerns.


In some cases, when people have experienced more difficult situations when they may be in danger or feel like they have no control, memories of these experiences may surface in uncomfortable and frightening ways. Often, we think of situations involving physical or sexual violence but there are many situations that can result in these traumatic memories. Whatever the situation, Manu Counseling understands the importance of carefully processing these experiences and will work to ensure you have a safe place to heal from these wounds.

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